Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Started

Hi Folks,

This is our first-ever attempt at any sort of Blog.  We don't even have experience reading blogs, so we can assure you there will be a learning curve, but things will get better!  The important thing is to record our experience, share ideas, and meet some excellent people along the way.  We are on an important journey, and early adopters of a few ideas that will probably become mainstream sometime soon.  We plan to post a number of short pieces describing how we got here, and our future direction. There will be lots of detailed posts on all manner of  green building and renewable energy matters, too.

Here's the house as of Sunday, September 27, taken in light rain:  The roof is finished just in time for a week of rainy weather and the arrival of the bales.

We're starting this blog with the house well under way, with the frame and roof up and the bales arriving in a few days, so we'll attempt to fill in the early stages of our thinking, the design process, and earlier stages of construction so you can see what we've already accomplished, while getting all excited about all the new stuff happening every day.  These might appear out of order until we figure out how to edit that.

Thanks for checking in with us.  Feel free to send us comments, questions, or encouragement!


Douglas said...

Hey Brad,
Nice Blog. This is also my first Blog attempt.
Nice looking house. It will be great to see the progress!
Doug Lavelle

mikebaze said...

Great blog on this process...I moved to Burlington VT in July and was wondering how viable this alternative is in such a humid & moist climate. Is there any concern about humidity moistening the bales long-term? Also...are you aware of any local resources for those interested in building?