Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting Closer -- 11/11/10

Hi All,

Here in Vermont, winter approaches whether we're ready or not!  We're getting much closer to a completed home, so I wanted to send out a quick update.

A flurry of activity in late summer and early fall got the exterior plasters finished before the real cold weather arrives.  Note the windows are all trimmed out, and the white corner boards, which are not-so-common in straw bale houses.

 Here's the house after the finish plaster on the outside.

White lime paint and two color samples at left.  The exterior plasters and the first 2 lime washes are complete -- we'll add a pigmented lime paint in the spring.

 Next, we hired Julie and Ralph to come back and put on a lime paint to protect the finished surface.

OOPS -- sideways...  Anyway, here's the surface texture after the first lime wash is scrubbed into the surface with a sponge, leaving swirled appearance -- cool!

Here's Ralph, painting away to try to finish before it gets too dark to see.  Linda and I helped paint the trim, and we just made it -- as you can see, it was already getting pretty dark.

After the white lime paint, the house has a white-on-white look.  We'll probably revert to the coffee and white coloration. like the first photo in this post.

Now the exterior is ready for winter with the exception of the cedar shingles to be applied to the entry porch roof, and if time allows, the dormers.  All the rest of the  work now goes inside to complete wiring, plumbing, re-installing the wood stove, hanging the kitchen cabinets, and all the trim and painting.

We're aiming to move in around December first, but we've decided we will celebrate Christmas 2010 in this new house no matter what!

I'll post an update on the interior work soon...  Be well!