Friday, October 9, 2009

The Bales Arrive...

At long last, on Monday, September 28th, the bales arrived.  The bales are wheat and barley straw from Southern Quebec,about 75 miles to the North,  and imported by Vanasse Farms in far Northern Vermont.  Straw has no seed or grain heads -- just the hollow stalks, with no nutritional value, so it doesn't attract those fuzzy little woodland creatures who might want to come snack on hay.

Unfortunately, the truck could not quite make it up around the corner at the top of the driveway, and could only go as far as the East end of the current house.

Here the bales are stacked on the ground, ready to be transported up the hill to the new house.

Looking up to the house site:  the bales in front of their/our new home!

Bales had to be hauled up the hill and put under cover before it started to rain...  here's the first bale loaded onto Ben's pickup.

No wonder that truck is tired!  Bales were stacked up inside the frame under the protection of the just-finished roof.

We had expected to be at this stage a year ago, but this was the best we could manage.

Next... Building Bale Walls !