Monday, June 21, 2010

Recent Progress -- No Photos (!)

Hi Folks,

Long time -- no post.  We're back in action with a lot happening, which is a bad time to have lost -- maybe forever -- the digital camera!  Seems I went to a site visit 2 weeks ago, and I have not seen it since.  I may have driven off with the thing on top of the car...

SO, a progress report w/out photos today, with more photos coming soon.

Here's what's been happening:
  • Roof Insulation:  Dense pack cellulose at roughly R-62 in ceiling (16.5" at high density), plus other materials = ~ R-66 total.
  • Insulated stem wall and wiring chases.
  • Insulated north wall of utility room with 5.5" of damp-spray cellulose in 2x6 stud wall inside the bale wall (probably a total of about R-53).  This was a blast to install, and made a huge mess.  Really something to see or experience!  After the over-spray is trimmed off, it looks so neat and tidy!
  • Don't Step On The Blocking!  Brad steps on fire blocking while attempting to screw plywood to ceiling and falls through one the the 2x4 interior walls, proving that 16-penny nails are no match for the finely-tuned shins, chest and back of the modern-day homo sapiens, that gravity still does work, and that tetanus shots still hurt!
  • Plastering upstairs (Steen Coat and Scratch coats)
  • Wood trim around window boxes.
  • Finish plaster work commences downstairs.  Smooth surface with gently rounded contours.  Ready for clay paint.  Lookin' good.
  • Cardboard removed where finish coat has been applied, revealing a real hint of the finished look with exposed beams -- looks FAN-TASTIC!  Wish I had the #$@*+ camera -- DOH!
  • Under-floor plumbing and drain pipes.
  • Venting for plumbing drains installed in ceiling.
  • Greywater and blackwater drains installed in preparation for pouring the concrete floor.
  • Under-floor wiring runs completed for the concrete pour.
  • Worked on kitchen and bath designs, and looked at entry doors.
Coming soon:
  • Completion of insulation
  • Blower door test #1
  • Completion of finish plasters
  • Exterior plasters completed
  • Wiring completed
  • Concrete floor poured
  • Electrical service hook-up
Stay tuned for more...

Brad Vietje,
Newbury, VT

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Michael Terenzoni said...

Hello Brad!

This is Mike Terenzoni from Tucson Arizona-great to see you are doing some neat sustainable work and things I am very interested in. I'm trying to e-mail you please reach me at URL below.