Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frame Work, Fall '08

Here are a few more details of the 150-year-old timber frame being erected.  i've sized these photos a little smaller for faster loading -- I'm slowly learning...

Through the Autumn months, Jean-Paul and his helpers adapted the old frame to give it new life in our new home. Here JP uses a come along to coax a stubborn beam into place.

Our son Philip, 27, helped out for a few weeks, too.

Here Linda and Jean-Paul discuss rafters and upstairs floor plan.

...and it's all done!  Well, no, this is a straw bale home being built about 15 miles away by our friends Bobbie Farlice-Rubio and Dylan Ford.  This is another timber frame with straw bale wrap.  They worked on the wood frame, and hired a crew to work with the bales and plaster... more about them later.  This house gave us some great ideas, and got us all excited about different pigmented plasters we might use.

Plaster color samples!  We're getting excited about the end product -- if we ever get to the end!

Earl Bancroft

This photo was taken just a few weeks before he died in his cabin -- a very sad day for all of us.

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Deb Hawthorn said...

Hi Brad and Linda,

This is SO exciting! I honor the courage, ingenuity, and voluntary simplicity that have brought you to this point. Thank you for sharing your journey as a model for the rest of us.